Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

      I was in Sam's Club and this book caught my eye. Being that I am moving to 5th grade next year, I figured this would be a good book to read in hopes that I could recommend it to my students. I had no idea it was a New York Times best seller.  Well, it turned out to be a GREAT book in so many ways. Not only was the book heartwarming it was filled with many teachable moments. It address such issues as identity, appearance, acceptance and bullying. This is a great book to use to follow characters into meaning. It will allow students to go into a deeper comprehension by inferring and analyzing the different characters and how they react to the main character, Auggie. There are several resources out there and I would suggest to read the book and then find or create resources that you could use in your class.
     My son is in 6th grade and I encouraged him to read it. He read it in 2 days and commented that he would never look at people and the world in the same way.
     How have you used this book in your class?


  1. Wow, you have some great stuff!
    I just read your profile maybe a bit to fast but are you going from PK to 5th? if you are wow that is a BIG jump.

  2. No, I'm not going from Pk to 5th. I am actually going from 4th to 5th. That would be BIG!