Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 4

Today was a fun day as we all gathered to play Catholic Jeopardy. What a great way to build community with the student body! Second and Third Graders played first. Then third grade winners went on to play the fourth graders. Fourth graders surprised the fifth graders with a win. Sixth graders beat the fourth graders, but not without a fight. It was a fun way to test our knowledge of faith. In the afternoon eighth graders played the teachers in a twisted game of basketball. We put up a fight, but the students prevailed. These are times the students will always treasure.

Sample Question

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 3

We continued the week with excitement. Today was our day to serve. We had jump rope for heart. It was a beautiful day and the students got to jump rope to raise money for the American Heart Association. I always tell my students that this is their time to pay it forward. Do good for others without expecting anything in return. Someday their time will come and someone will return the deed. 
Fractions and our biography study was our academic focus. The students also wrote to their parents thanking them for the gift of a Catholic Education.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catholic School's Week

Today was the second day of Catholic School's Week and we appreciated the students. The kids had a great time. They played Minute to win It and a good old game of BINGO. The day did not end at school, they ended their day at McDonald's for McTeacher Night. A great way to build community between teachers, student, parents, and the local community. It was an event to remember.

We wrote I Am Poems to show how we feel about our Catholic School! They were adorable and the students made paper dolls to match themselves. Uniforms and all!

Even the teacher did one!

Here is one of the students.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Started

I have been wanting to create this blog for what seems like forever. I finally decided to take the plunge. My fear of not doing things right was taking over. I figured I needed to practice what I preach and just do it. This is the perfect week because we are kicking off the start to Catholic School's Week and there are many things that will highlight the Blessings of what it is like to teach in Catholic Education.