Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Biography Study

We have been learning about non-fiction text. The students have been learning about the different non-fiction text features. This week we started leaning about non-fiction text structures. While working on non-fiction text the students are doing a Biography Study. Each student chose a person they were interested in learning about. They are reading books, looking at encyclopedias, and also using the internet. The project involves many components. Once they have finished working on all the components we will be putting on a Biography Wax Museum for our school and parents. They are really excited and very engaged in their work. One of the first components is a hand drawn portrait. They are gathering notes to prepare to make a timeline, write a poem, speech, and several other pieces. Here are a few portrait pictures and students taking notes.

I love it when they use post its.

Note Taking

Amelia Earhart

Jackie Robinson

Carl Lewis

Roberto Clemente

Sylvia Earle

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